Quantextive AEX API Documentation

Take full advantage of our AEX Platform

Our Quantextive AEX API is a simple and easy to use API which allows anyone (Asset managers, Quants, Research Analyst, Students etc.) to export majority of our data into external platform and environments.

Getting Access

The fastest way to request your API token is via our AEX dashboard.

You can also use our API request form but the response times tend to be longer.

Use Cases

The best use cases for the AEX APIs include:

  • Stock Research
  • Stock Trend Analysis & Visualization
  • Portfolio Optimization & Backtesting
  • Building Financial Models
  • Alpha Calculation
  • Many more!

Know Python?

We've built a supported module for python enthusiasts to easily access the API and push the boundary of applications and use cases for the AEX Platform. Click here to install the codebase.

Questions & Issues?

Please feel free to send us a message at api@quantextive.com