Company List

Company Name API Symbol** Country
Abbey Building Society Plc NSE:ABBEYBDS Nigeria
ABC Transport Plc NSE:ABCTRANS Nigeria
Academy Press Plc NSE:ACADEMY Nigeria
Access Bank Plc NSE:ACCESS Nigeria
Afinitas BSE:AFS Botswana
African Alliance Insurance Plc NSE:AFRINSURE Nigeria
African Champion Industries Ltd. GSE:ACI Ghana
African Paints Nigeria PLC NSE:AFRPAINTS Nigeria
Africa Prudential Registrars Plc NSE:AFRIPRUD Nigeria
Afrik Pharmaceuticals Plc NSE:AFRIK Nigeria
Afromedia PLC NSE:AFROMEDIA Nigeria
A.G. Leventis (Nigeria) Plc NSE:AGLEVENT Nigeria
AIICO Insurance Plc NSE:AIICO Nigeria
Airline Services & Logistics PLC NSE:AIRSERVICE Nigeria
Aluminium Extrusion Industries Plc NSE:ALEX Nigeria
Aluworks Ltd. GSE:ALW Ghana
Anino International PLC NSE:ANINO Nigeria
Arbico Plc NSE:ARBICO Nigeria
ARM Cement Limited NAI:ARM Kenya
ASO Savings & Loans PLC NSE:ASOSAVINGS Nigeria
Austin Laz & Company PLC NSE:AUSTINLAZ Nigeria
Avon Crowncaps & Containers (Nigeria) Plc NSE:AVONCROWN Nigeria
AxaMansard Insurance Plc NSE:MANSARD Nigeria
Ayrton Drugs Manufacturing Company Ltd. GSE:AYRTN Ghana
Bamburi Cement Ltd. NAI:BAMB Kenya
Barclays Bank of Botswana Limited BSE:BARCLAYS Botswana
Barclays Bank Of Kenya Limited NAI:BBK Kenya
Beco Petroleum Products Plc NSE:BECOPETRO Nigeria
Benso Oil Palm Plantation Limited GSE:BOPP Ghana
Berger Paints Nigeria Plc NSE:BERGER Nigeria
Beta Glass Plc NSE:BETAGLAS Nigeria
BOC Gases Nigeria plc NSE:BOCGAS Nigeria
BOC Kenya, Ltd. NAI:BOC Kenya
Botswana Insurance Holdings Limited BSE:BIHL Botswana
Botswana Telecommunications Corporation BSE:BTCL Botswana
Britam Holdings Ltd NAI:BRIT Kenya
British American Tobacco Kenya Limited NAI:BAT Kenya
Cadbury Nigeria Plc NSE:CADBURY Nigeria
CAL Bank Limited GSE:CAL Ghana
Camelot Ghana Limited GSE:CMLT Ghana
Capital Hotels PLC NSE:CAPHOTEL Nigeria
Capital Oil Plc NSE:CAPOIL Nigeria
Carbacid Investments Ltd. NAI:CARB Kenya
Car & General (Kenya) Limited NAI:CG Kenya
Caverton Offshore Support Group Plc NSE:CAVERTON Nigeria
Cement Company of Northern Nigeria Plc NSE:CCNN Nigeria
Centum Investment Company Limited NAI:ICDC Kenya
CfC Stanbic Holdings Limited NAI:CFC Kenya
Champion Breweries Plc NSE:CHAMPION Nigeria
Chams Plc NSE:CHAMS Nigeria
Chellarams Plc NSE:CHELLARAM Nigeria
Chemical and Allied Products plc NSE:CAP Nigeria
Chobe Holdings Limited BSE:CHOBE Botswana
Choppies Enterprises Limited BSE:CHOPPIES Botswana
CIC Insurance Group Limited NAI:CIC Kenya
C & I Leasing Plc NSE:CILEASING Nigeria
Clydestone Ghana Limited GSE:CLYD Ghana
Cocoa Processing Co. Ltd. GSE:CPC Ghana
Computer Warehouse Group Plc NSE:CWG Nigeria
Conoil Plc NSE:CONOIL Nigeria
Consolidated Hallmark Insurance Plc NSE:HMARKINS Nigeria
Continental Reinsurance Plc NSE:CONTINSURE Nigeria
Cornerstone Insurance Plc NSE:CORNERST Nigeria
Costain (West Africa) Plc NSE:COSTAIN Nigeria
Courteville Business Solutions Plc NSE:COURTVILLE Nigeria
Cresta Marakanelo Limited BSE:CRESTA Botswana
Crown Paints Kenya Limited NAI:BERG Kenya
Custodian and Allied Insurance Limited NSE:CUSTODYINS Nigeria
Cutix Plc NSE:CUTIX Nigeria
Daar Communications Plc NSE:DAARCOMM Nigeria
Dangote Cement Plc NSE:DANGCEM Nigeria
Dangote Flour Mills PLC NSE:DANGFLOUR Nigeria
Dangote Sugar Refinery Plc NSE:DANGSUGAR Nigeria
DEAP Capital Management & Trust Plc NSE:DEAPCAP Nigeria
Diamond Bank Plc NSE:DIAMONDBNK Nigeria
Diamond Trust Bank of Kenya Limited NAI:DTK Kenya
DN Meyer Plc NSE:DNMEYER Nigeria
DN Tyre & Rubber Plc NSE:DUNLOP Nigeria
Eaagads Ltd. NAI:EGAD Kenya
East African Breweries Limited NAI:EABL Kenya
East African Cables Ltd. NAI:CABL Kenya
East African Portland Cement Company Limited NAI:PORT Kenya
Ecobank Ghana Limited GSE:EBG Ghana
Ecobank Transnational Incorporated NSE:ETI Nigeria
EkoCorp Plc NSE:EKOCORP Nigeria
Ellah Lakes Plc NSE:ELLAHLAKES Nigeria
Engen Botswana Ltd. BSE:ENGEN Botswana
Enterprise Group Limited GSE:EGL Ghana
Equity Assurance Plc NSE:EQUITYASUR Nigeria
Equity Bank Limited NAI:EQTY Kenya
Eterna Plc NSE:ETERNA Nigeria
E - Tranzact International Plc NSE:ETRANZACT Nigeria
Evans Medical Plc NSE:EVANSMED Nigeria
Eveready East Africa Limited NAI:EVRD Kenya
Express Kenya Ltd. NAI:XPRS Kenya
Fan Milk Limited GSE:FML Ghana
FBN Holdings Plc NSE:FBNH Nigeria
FCMB Group Plc NSE:FCMB Nigeria
Fidelity Bank Plc NSE:FIDELITYBK Nigeria
Fidson Healthcare Plc NSE:FIDSON Nigeria
First Aluminium Nigeria Plc NSE:FIRSTALUM Nigeria
First National Bank of Botswana Limited BSE:FNBB Botswana
Flame Tree Group Holdings NAI:FTGH Kenya
Flour Mills of Nigeria PLC NSE:FLOURMILL Nigeria
Forte Oil Plc NSE:FO Nigeria
Fortis Microfinance Bank PLC NSE:FORTISMFB Nigeria
FSG Limited BSE:FSG Botswana
FTN Cocoa Processors Plc NSE:FTNCOCOA Nigeria
Furnmart BSE:FURNMART Botswana
G4S Botswana Limited BSE:G4S Botswana
GCB Bank Limited GSE:GCB Ghana
Ghana Oil Company Limited GSE:GOIL Ghana
GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Nigeria Plc NSE:GLAXOSMITH Nigeria
Golden Guinea Breweries Plc NSE:GOLDBREW Nigeria
Golden Web Company Limited GSE:GWEB Ghana
Goldlink Insurance Plc NSE:GOLDINSURE Nigeria
Great Nigeria Insurance Plc NSE:GNI Nigeria
Greif Nigeria Plc NSE:VANLEER Nigeria
Guaranty Trust Bank Plc NSE:GUARANTY Nigeria
Guinea Insurance Plc NSE:GUINEAINS Nigeria
Guinness Ghana Breweries Ltd. GSE:GGBL Ghana
Guinness Nigeria Plc NSE:GUINNESS Nigeria
HFC Bank Ghana Limited GSE:HFC Ghana
Home Afrika Ltd NAI:HAFR Kenya
Honeywell Flour Mills Plc NSE:HONYFLOUR Nigeria
Housing Finance Company of Kenya Ltd. NAI:HFCK Kenya
Ikeja Hotel Plc NSE:IKEJAHOTEL Nigeria
Imara Holdings Limited BSE:IMARA Botswana
I&M Holdings Limited NAI:CITY Kenya
Infinity Trust Mortgage Bank PLC NSE:INFINITY Nigeria
Interlinked Technologies Plc NSE:INTERLINK Nigeria
International Breweries Plc NSE:INTBREW Nigeria
International Energy Insurance Plc NSE:INTENEGINS Nigeria
Intravenous Infusions Limited GSE:IIL Ghana
Japaul Oil and Maritime Services Plc NSE:JAPAULOIL Nigeria
John Holt Plc. NSE:JOHNHOLT Nigeria
Jubilee Holdings Limited NAI:JUB Kenya
Juli plc NSE:JULI Nigeria
Julius Berger Nigeria PLC NSE:JBERGER Nigeria
Kakuzi Ltd. NAI:KUKZ Kenya
Kapchorua Tea Co. Ltd. NAI:KAPC Kenya
KenolKobil Limited NAI:KENO Kenya
Kenya Airways Ltd. NAI:KQ Kenya
Kenya Commercial Bank Limited NAI:KCB Kenya
Kenya Electricity Generating Company Limited NAI:KEGN Kenya
Kenya Orchards Limited NAI:ORCH Kenya
Kenya Reinsurance Corporation Ltd. NAI:KNRE Kenya
Kurwitu Ventures Limited NAI:KUR Kenya
Lafarge Africa Plc NSE:WAPCO Nigeria
LASACO Assurance Plc NSE:LASACO Nigeria
Law Union & Rock Insurance Plc NSE:LAWUNION Nigeria
Learn Africa Plc NSE:LEARNAFRIC Nigeria
Lennards Nigeria Plc NSE:LENNARDS Nigeria
Letlole La Rona BSE:LETLOLE Botswana
Letshego Holdings Limited BSE:LETSHEGO Botswana
Liberty Kenya Holdings Limited NAI:CFCI Kenya
Limuru Tea Co Ltd. NAI:LIMT Kenya
Linkage Assurance Plc NSE:LINKASSURE Nigeria
Livestock Feeds Plc NSE:LIVESTOCK Nigeria
Longhorn Kenya Limited NAI:LKL Kenya
Marshalls East Africa Ltd NAI:MASH Kenya
Mass Telecom Innovation Limited NSE:MTI Nigeria
May & Baker Nigeria plc NSE:MAYBAKER Nigeria
Mechanical Lloyd Company Limited GSE:MLC Ghana
Meridian-Marshalls Holding Company Limited GSE:MMH Ghana
Mobil Oil Nigeria plc NSE:MOBIL Nigeria
Morison Industries Plc NSE:MORISON Nigeria
MRS Oil Nigeria Plc NSE:MRS Nigeria
MTech Communications Plc NSE:MTECH Nigeria
Multi-Trex Integrated Foods Plc NSE:MULTITREX Nigeria
Multiverse PLC NSE:MULTIVERSE Nigeria
Mumias Sugar Company Limited NAI:MSC Kenya
Mutual Benefits Assurance Plc NSE:MBENEFIT Nigeria
Nairobi Business Ventures Limited NAI:NBV Kenya
NASCON Industries Plc NSE:NASCON Nigeria
National Bank of Kenya Ltd. NAI:NBK Kenya
Nation Media Group Limited NAI:NMG Kenya
NCR (Nigeria) Plc NSE:NCR Nigeria
Neimeth International Pharmaceuticals Plc. NSE:NEIMETH Nigeria
NEM Insurance Plc NSE:NEM Nigeria
Nestle Nigeria PLC NSE:NESTLE Nigeria
New African Properties Limited BSE:NAP Botswana
NIC Bank Limited NAI:NIC Kenya
Nigerian Aviation Handling Company Plc NSE:NAHCO Nigeria
Nigerian Breweries Plc NSE:NB Nigeria
Nigerian Enamelware PLC NSE:ENAMELWA Nigeria
Nigerian-German Chemicals PLC NSE:NIG-GERMAN Nigeria
Nigerian Ropes plc NSE:NIGROPES Nigeria
Niger Insurance NSE:NIGERINS Nigeria
Northern Nigeria Flour Mills Plc NSE:NNFM Nigeria
NPF Microfinance Bank Plc NSE:NPFMCRFBK Nigeria
Oando PLC NSE:OANDO Nigeria
Olympia Capital Corporation BSE:OLYMPIA Botswana
Olympia Capital Holdings Ltd. NAI:OCH Kenya
Omatek Ventures Plc NSE:OMATEK Nigeria
Omoluabi Savings And Loans PLC NSE:OMOSAVBANK Nigeria
Paints & Coatings Manufacturers PLC NSE:PAINTCOM Nigeria
Pan Africa Insurance Holdings Limited NAI:PAFR Kenya
PBC Limited GSE:PBC Ghana
Pharma-Deko Plc NSE:PHARMDEKO Nigeria
Pioneer Kitchenware Limited GSE:PKL Ghana
Portland Paints and Products Nigeria Plc NSE:PORTPAINT Nigeria
Premier Breweries PLC NSE:PREMBREW Nigeria
Premier Paints Plc NSE:PREMPAINTS Nigeria
Presco Plc NSE:PRESCO Nigeria
Prestige Assurance Plc NSE:PRESTIGE Nigeria
PrimeTime Property Holdings BSE:PRIMETIME Botswana
PS Mandrides PLC NSE:MANDRID Nigeria
PZ Cussons Ghana Limited GSE:PZC Ghana
PZ Cussons Nigeria Plc NSE:PZ Nigeria
RAK Unity Petroleum PLC NSE:RAKUNITY Nigeria
RDC Properties Limited BSE:RDCP Botswana
Red Star Express Plc NSE:REDSTAREX Nigeria
Regency Alliance Insurance Company Plc NSE:REGALINS Nigeria
Resort Savings & Loans Plc NSE:RESORTSAL Nigeria
Roads Nigeria Plc NSE:ROADS Nigeria
Royal Exchange PLC NSE:ROYALEX Nigeria
RT Briscoe (Nigeria) Plc NSE:RTBRISCOE Nigeria
Safaricom Limited NAI:SCOM Kenya
Sameer Africa Ltd. NAI:FIRE Kenya
Sam-Woode Ltd. GSE:SWL Ghana
Sasini Ltd NAI:SASN Kenya
Scangroup Limited NAI:SCAN Kenya
SCOA Nigeria plc NSE:SCOA Nigeria
Sechaba Brewery holdings Limited BSE:SECHABA Botswana
Secure Electronic Technology Plc NSE:NSLTECH Nigeria
Sefalana Holding Company Limited BSE:SEFALANA Botswana
Seplat Petroleum Development Company Ltd NSE:SEPLAT Nigeria
Seven-up Bottling Company plc NSE:7UP Nigeria
SIC Insurance Company Limited GSE:SIC Ghana
Skye Bank Plc NSE:SKYEBANK Nigeria
Smart Products Nigeria Plc NSE:SMURFIT Nigeria
Societe Generale Ghana Limited GSE:SOGEGH Ghana
Sovereign Trust Insurance Plc NSE:SOVRENINS Nigeria
Stanbic IBTC Holdings PLC NSE:STANBIC Nigeria
Standard Alliance Insurance Plc NSE:STDINSURE Nigeria
Standard Chartered Bank Botswana Limited BSE:STANCHART Botswana
Standard Chartered Bank Ghana Limited GSE:SCB Ghana
Standard Chartered Bank Kenya Limited NAI:SCBK Kenya
Standard Trust Assurance Plc NSE:STACO Nigeria
Starwin Products Company Limited GSE:SPL Ghana
Sterling Bank plc NSE:STERLNBANK Nigeria
Studio Press Nigeria Plc NSE:STUDPRESS Nigeria
Tantalizers PLC NSE:TANTALIZER Nigeria
The Co-operative Bank of Kenya Limited NAI:COOP Kenya
The Far Property Company BSE:FPC Botswana
The Initiates Plc NSE:INITSPLC Nigeria
The Kenya Power and Lighting Company Limited NAI:KPLC Kenya
The Okomu Oil Palm Company Plc NSE:OKOMUOIL Nigeria
The Standard Group Limited NAI:SGL Kenya
Thomas Wyatt Nigeria Plc NSE:THOMASWY Nigeria
Total Kenya Limited NAI:TOTL Kenya
TOTAL Nigeria Plc NSE:TOTAL Nigeria
Total Petroleum Ghana Limited GSE:TOTAL Ghana
Tourist Company of Nigeria Plc NSE:TOURIST Nigeria
TPS Eastern Africa Limited NAI:TPSE Kenya
Transaction Solutions Ghana Limited GSE:TRANSOL Ghana
TransCentury Limited NAI:TCL Kenya
Transcorp Hotels Plc NSE:TRANSCOHOT Nigeria
Transnational Corporation of Nigeria Plc NSE:TRANSCORP Nigeria
Trans Nationwide Express Plc NSE:TRANSEXPR Nigeria
Tripple Gee & Company Plc NSE:TRIPPLEG Nigeria
Turnstar Holdings Limited BSE:TURNSTAR Botswana
UACN Property Development Company Plc NSE:UAC-PROP Nigeria
UAC of Nigeria Plc NSE:UACN Nigeria
Uchumi Supermarkets Limited NAI:UCHM Kenya
Umeme Limited NAI:UMEME Kenya
Unga Group Ltd. NAI:UNGA Kenya
Unic Insurance PLC NSE:UNIC Nigeria
Unilever Ghana Ltd. GSE:UNIL Ghana
Unilever Nigeria Plc NSE:UNILEVER Nigeria
Union Bank of Nigeria Plc NSE:UBN Nigeria
Union Diagnostic and Clinical Services Plc NSE:UNIONDAC Nigeria
Union Dicon Salt Plc NSE:UNIONDICON Nigeria
Union Homes Savings and Loans Plc NSE:UNHOMES Nigeria
United Bank for Africa Plc NSE:UBA Nigeria
United Capital Plc NSE:UBCAP Nigeria
Unity Bank Plc NSE:UNITYBNK Nigeria
UnityKapital Assurance Plc NSE:UNITYKAP Nigeria
Universal Insurance Plc NSE:UNIVINSURE Nigeria
University Press PLC NSE:UPL Nigeria
UT Bank Limited GSE:UTB Ghana
UTC Nigeria Plc NSE:UTC Nigeria
Vitafoam Nigeria Plc NSE:VITAFOAM Nigeria
Wapic Insurance Plc NSE:WAPIC Nigeria
Wema Bank Plc NSE:WEMABANK Nigeria
Wilderness Holdings Limited BSE:WIL Botswana
Williamson Tea Kenya Ltd. NAI:WTK Kenya
Zenith Bank Plc NSE:ZENITHBANK Nigeria

**Due to conflicting exchange symbols for the Nigerian Stock Exchange and the Nairobi Stock Exchange, we made a conscious decision to rename the exchange symbol for the Nairobi Stock Exchange from NSE to NAI