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Data Driven Insights

We only reach conclusions and make decisions based on extensive analysis from every possible datapoint and data source for maximum confidence.

Machine Learning, Human Touch

We use a smart combination of quantitative data science, machine learning intelligence and human fine tuning to provide our customers with a robust body of knowledge and analysis.

Multi Use Levels

Opportunity to use our data how, when and where you want. Work and create models within our analysis and learning platforms or export our data into your own platform.

How We Work

We search, catalogue, store and analyze millions of financial datasets and datapoints using advanced stream and batch processing analyses in addition to thorough human based interactions and reasoning to provide critical and innovative insights on the African Business & Financial Landscape.

Our Opportunities

We achieve superior analysis results by working with a mix of stock data, commodities data, product pricing data, news analytics, country profiles and macro economic data from all major international financial organizations like the World Bank, African Development Bank and International Monetary Fund.

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